The Lampley Purveyors


Specializing in authentic textiles from Senegal, the quality and craftsmanship behind each of Goree’s pieces is second to none. The Lampley is proud to feature this unique collection of handmade home décor furnishings featuring bold and vibrant fabrics representative of Senegalese heritage.

Jefferson Ave Brand

Owner & Designer Jessica Leigh started hand-painting earrings in 2010 to fulfill her own creative needs. What once started out as an earring line for the unique woman, evolved to small scale laser cutting and engraving. Today products range from custom orders to our signature Baubles & Bubbly ‘Paint & Sip’ classes. 

Mallang Candle Co

An expert in her craft, Katrina has been creating custom candles for Love Cork Screw for nearly a decade. From frankincense to hibiscus, Japanese grapefruit to patchouli, she’s got a knack for bringing our favorite scents to life and we are proud to feature this incredibly-talented artisan on The Lampley.

Cork Divine

Born in Havana, Cuba, Isabel Lemus is acorkartist resident in Southern California. With a career in languages (Spanish , English and Italian) and a master degree in marketing and business management, she is currently applying her artistic skills by creating unique artwork pieces through sustainable natural materials.